What is your Turn Around time?

Typically we recommend within 7-10 business days on confirmation of payment and proof approval. Delivery estimates can vary slightly depending on how booked up we are, how large the order is or whether there's any extra garment finishing added.

Do you require payment up front?

Yes. Your order will not be processed until confirmation of payment and proof approval.

What happens when I place the order?

After payment confirmation we will provide you with an invoice and proof sheet with your print placed on a t-shirt template. The print proof will show print location, size, color and any other additional information as necessary. Please note that colors shown are a digital representation of the actual ink used in production. Color proof may vary from actual garment. This is a digital representation.

Do you provide samples?

Due to the setup times involved with screen printing, 1 off sample t-shirts simply aren't viable. However we will provide a proof mock-up sheet with print specifics such as size, position and colors used. 

Do you have minimums?

We do not have minimums on most products. Please ask us for a complete list of services. Prices are quantity based. The more you order, the cheaper per print. We do also offer Individual t-shirt prints, however please be aware these are vinyl heat pressed prints and not screen printed.

Is White on Dark/Black garments priced as 2 colors?

Typically not, white on black/dark color garments is priced as 1 color. The same applies to most grey colors. Other colors that are lighter than the garment however may require a white under-base print and will be charged as a 2 color print rather than 1.If you have already placed your order online, we will make you aware of this and provide an invoice for the extra. If you're unsure you can always submit a custom quote request before placing an order.

Some t-shirts are missing, they aren't quite the exact size ordered?

Unfortunately it is inevitable from time to time there is going to be some defected or misprinted shirts during a print run. We always strive to give you everything you ordered, however, if there is a shortage with your order, we will refund or credit you for the difference. Sometimes you may even get extras.